The Hilton Anaheim Receives Green Seal Award!


We are proud to announce that our hotel has recently become the largest hotel in Southern California to be awarded the Green Seal™ Bronze certification for its dedication to environmental stewardship. Green Seal is a Washington D.C. non-profit organization that provides science-based environmental certification for environmental and sustainability practices. “This coveted certification establishes our property as one that believes in helping to save the environment through conscience efforts,” said Shaun Robinson, general manager, Hilton Anaheim. “Hilton consistently promotes sustainability on a global level and we couldn’t be more excited that our 1,500-room property was included in an elite group of honorees.” The Green Seal Standard for Hotels and Lodging Properties, GS-33, is one of the most robust environmental standards in the hospitality industry. In order to receive certification, a hotel must meet and adhere to stringent guidelines set out by the standard. These include requirements in waste management, energy efficiency, water conservation, wastewater management and green procurement. A certified property’s records, processes and procedures are evaluated and an on-site audit of the property is conducted. Certified hotels submit to annual monitoring to assure continued compliance. Hilton Anaheim met the requirements for the prestigious award by establishing initiatives that include, but are not limited to: launching a recycling program throughout the entire hotel, waste minimization via the donation of any leftover food to approved local shelters or food banks, replacing of all TV’s, DVD players, alarm clocks, hair dryers, coffee/tea makers in all its rooms with energy efficient products and updating all indoor lighting.


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