Hilton Anaheim Plays Host Venue to the 15th Annual St. Joseph Hospital Circles of Life Fashion Show & Luncheon

Each year cancer patients from St. Joseph Hospital take center stage as models for an uplifting event and worthy cause…the St. Joseph Hospital Circle of Life Fashion Show & Luncheon.  Hilton Anaheim Hotel is proud to be front and center as the venue of choice for St. Joseph Hospital for yet another year!

“This year’s theme is “Imagine” and while most people can only imagine the strength and determination that is required to fight a disease like cancer, these men and women have triumphantly and courageously walked the journey.”

Robert Ash, MD Chair of St. Joseph Hospital


The energy in the room was palpable as families of cancer survivors cheered their loved ones on as they took another courageous step…on to the catwalk!

Both men and women who have been through the trials and tribulations that cancer brings into ones life were present to tell the world that “WE WON!”

Hilton Anaheim salutes all of you and wishes you long and healthy lives!


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