Muzeo’s Green Impacts Event Finale Surpasses All Expectations!

On Wednesday, June 8, Hilton Anaheim became the “Recycling Center of Orange County”, but it wasn’t your typical recycling center, it was an oasis of art that would inspire anyone to be more environmentally conscience.

Created by Southern California’s newest museum, MUZEO and in collaboration with Hilton Anaheim and the Orange County Department of Education, the second annual Green Impacts event turned out to be an overwhelming success thanks to all the schools who poured their hearts and souls into their amazing projects.

“The creativity of these kids surpasses imagination,” said Tom Tait, Mayor of the city of Anaheim. “We hope that these kinds of incredible initiatives creates a foundation for today’s youth to be more conscience of the materials they’re using and how they can utilize them to the fullest.”  

The evening showcased Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds TrashARTist Challenge which empowered students grades 3-12 in the Orange County area to submit their works of art in the hopes of being recognized for their efficient and innovative ways of turning drab trash into fab pieces of art that not only edu-tained, but created awareness of the struggles Mother Earth and its inhabitants face today.

“What a incredible job by these MUZEO students,” said Shaun Robinson, General Manager of the Hilton Anaheim. “At such a young age to be this environmentally aware just proves to us that anyone can be empowered to help our planet and inspires our hotel to continue on the path of promoting self sustainability.”

Over 100,000 votes were submitted and 12 schools walked away with a trophy and bragging rights, but if you had the opportunity to attend, you would agree that everyone who was in that room was clearly a winner!


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