Super Bowl at MIX Lounge

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us. At approximately 3:30pm the Steelers and Packers will face off in a battle for glory, fame and everything else that goes along with a Super Bowl victory. When that first kick occurs, where will you be? If you have yet to answer that question, and even if you have, your answer should be “at MIX lounge in the Hilton Anaheim hotel!” There will be fun, food and of course, the excitement of the game.

For those of you who are fans of our Facebook page, just RSVP to our post and drop off your business card to be entered for a chance to win a 2 night Stay at Hilton San Diego Bay front!

Pittsburgh Steelers Platter:

Philly Steak Sliders / Steel City sausage potato skins / Haluski dumplings with a mango black bean salsa $12.00

Green Bay Packers Platter:

Grilled Bratwurst / Breaded Fried Cheese / Norwegian meatballs / German Potato salad $12.00

Drink Specials

All draft beer $4.00

Kick Off $8.00

Steel City Tea $8.00

First and Ten $8.00

Green Bay Martini $8.00


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