Mickey Scavenger Hunt: GRAND PRIZE WINNER!!

After 21 years, Angels Stadium of Anaheim will once again host the Major League Baseball All Star Game!

To celebrate All Star Week in Anaheim, Major League Baseball and Disney Consumer Products, populated key locations in Southern California, with thirty-six 7.5 foot, 989 pound, unique All-Star Mickey Mouse statues. The statues were placed as far North as Santa Monica, as far South Laguna Beach, and as far East as Rancho Cucamonga.

On June 11, MLB and Disney Consumer Products launched a Find Mickey Scavenger Hunt. Fans were encouraged to visit the statues and had a unique opportunity to be rewarded for it!  The first participant to tweet a link to #AllStarMickey with a photo gallery of themselves in front of all 36 statues, would win the grand prize, two tickets to the MLB All-Star Game on July 13!

Hollie Eisenman, Marketing Coordinator for Hilton Anaheim, was very excited to to take on this adventure and be the first person to find all 36 Mickey Mouse statues. She grew up watching baseball and played softball for many years. If you ask her what her favorite thing is to do in Orange County, “Go to an Angels Game,” would absolutely be her first answer.

With a dream and a mission, she started her search on Saturday, June 5th after reading the scavenger hunt announcement by the City of Anaheim. After 6 days, 22 Hours, Over 650 Miles, and 3 Tanks of Gas, Hollie Eisenman found all 36 Mickey Mouse Statues! Major League Baseball announced her the official grand prize winner via Twitter on June 25th.

You can read about all of the adventure and her story on her search for the statues on her blog:

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2 Responses to Mickey Scavenger Hunt: GRAND PRIZE WINNER!!

  1. Dana Sipper says:

    What a great contest! Congrats on winning Hollie, that is fabulous.

  2. Christine Weijland says:

    Great Job Hollie and Well Deserved!

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