Green Impacts Event

Last year the Hilton Anaheim partnered with Muzeo to elevate the significance of arts and culture in creating and maintaining a healthy community and sustainable future for generations to come. Together, the partnership recognizes the value of arts education and arts experiences as a vital city resource affecting the quality of life for all citizens and visitors.

Since then, the Muzeo has created a Green Impacts Event, in collaboration with Hilton Anaheim and Orange County Department of Education (OCDE), to heighten awareness and education of green innovation in business and our culture. The first annual event and dinner will take place at Hilton Anaheim on Wednesday, June 2nd at 5:30 p.m.

There are a variety of activities planned for this event including:

  • Sustainability Showcase
    • Networking opportunity for businesses and invited press
  • Green Impacts Business Award
    • Recognition of SA Recycling
  • TrashARTist Challenge
    • Arts eduction program promoting zero-waste recycling by engaging students to turn recycling into art
  • Special Guest
    • Wyland, Renowned muralist and environmental advocate

“Green Impacts is a unique environmentally conscious event that brings together school, students, administers, city and business leaders by focusing on conservation and recycling though art. The response to this first annual event has been remarkable. Schools through Orange County have entered the TrashARTist Challenge, the Green Impacts recycled-art program, with a new found respect and interest for zero-waste, while getting the opportunity to express themselves creatively. Green Impacts is a significant community event and we are thrilled to be working with Hilton Anaheim and OCDE on this annual program.” ~Peter Comiskey, Executive Director at Muzeo

We welcome you and your company to get involved and join us for the dinner, awards and celebration! Visit the Green Impacts Event website for more information and sponsorship opportunities. Your tax-deductible contribution provides recognition at the event and seats at the dinner. Your sponsorship also grants students the ability to participate in the recycled-art competition, allows you to visit the museum at no charge and so much more. Sponsors are not only elevating the importance of conservation, recycling and the arts in our region, they also show their community leadership efforts!

“Climate change and global warming have become mainstream issues around the world. You can’t pick up a magazine or newspaper without seeing a story about green campaigns, carbon footprints or the environment. Educating our kids about green initiatives and the impact it will have on their lives is critical to the future. The Hilton Anaheim is happy to be a partner in this event and we look forward to spreading the green message around our local community.” ~Harold Rapoza, General Manager at Hilton Anaheim

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One Response to Green Impacts Event

  1. Carol says:

    You folks have the right idea, involve the youth of our nation and take steps to preserve our country’s enviromental future. Things are beginning to turn but not fast enough.

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