Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

footballI know you thought it would never be here, but Football is BACK! I am very excited to say we have the ticket to happiness during this time of year.

The NFL ticket that is! We have the NFL package in the Mix Lounge so you will be able to watch all of your favorite games on any of our high definition, 52-inch, flat screen televisions. Every week, come cheer your team on and pick your favorites for a chance to win a Breakfast Buffet for two in Mix Restaurant.

football players
Hot Dog
TacoIf Sunday is not enough football for you, join us in Mix Lounge for MONDAY Night Football! We will have specials every week. Odd # Weeks include a $10 Taco Buffet including ground beef, flour tortillas, cheese blend, and chips and salsa. Even # Weeks include a $10 Hot Dog Buffet include potato salad and a field of greens! Click Here for the Schedule!


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