Kid’s Nite Out…

Kids Nite OutCalling all Parents – and Kids!

Kid’s Nite Out has arrived at

Hilton Anaheim!

Planning for your next family vacation may have just gotten a little easier! Enjoy a romantic evening while your kids enjoy their own fun activities!

Perhaps, you are attending a convention or wedding, but want to take the kids to Disneyland when the events are through. Kid’s Nite Out has you covered!

Kid’s Nite Out offers the following services…

  • In-Room Childcare
  • Pet-Sitting Services
  • Kids Camps (Children’s Activity Centers)
  • Convention Childcare
  • Services for the elderly (Dr. Appts, Grocery Shopping, etc.)

There is typically a four hour minimum charge, however, guests who book a spa appointment at Hilton Anaheim or dinner at Mix Restaurant, can book child care with only a 2 hour minimum!

Hilton Anaheim and Kids Nite Out have also put together the September Calendar of children’s activities that are going on around the hotel at NO additional charge! Check out the calendar below. kids nite out-Sept

For more information or to book reservations

visit Kid’s Nite Out or call 1-800-696-8105.


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