2009 You’ve Just Been Spotted OC Blog Awards

You've Just Been SpottedOn August 19, the first annual “You’ve Just Been Spotted” Orange County Blog Awards took place at Wowzville in Laguna Hills. This event was put on by the hosts of Just Spotted, Kelly and Coleen. Nominees were invited to attend this social gathering in a fun interactive environment. There were several different blogging categories to be nominated for and Hilton Anaheim was honored to have been nominated for Orange County’s Favorite Local Micro-Blogger Award.

Just Spotted NomineeThe event was a huge success. Kelly and Coleen did an incredible job. As you approached the building there was a classic photo booth waiting for you to jump in and take some cool vintage pictures. Capital Photo Booth provided the booth for the mixer.

Orange County has some extraordinary bloggers and it was great to meet everyone in person. There were so many delicious treats including Dippin Dots, which were donated to the event thanks to Debbie our amazing @dippindotwoman. There is nothing like -42 degree dots to hit your taste buds. Delicious!

Everyone gathered at the Orange County’s soon to be biggest Award show, because they are not only phenomenal bloggers but incredible people. The winners were announced via Twitter shortly after 8PM. A BIG congratulations to all of the award winners and nominees. Check out Just Spotted to see who won and view the blogs of all the nominees.

Fairy Tale ThemeRace Car ThemeWowzville is a place unlike any other. It is the perfect location to throw your child’s (or adult’s) next birthday party. There are different rooms with different themes and every room is extremely interactive. You can have a fairytale, space, mystery, or race car theme and it is definitely a perfect place for a party!

Everyone had a great time and the event was a huge success. It is amazing to see where Social Media has gone in just a few short months. I came across a video on @AngryJulie‘s blog, who won the 2009 Favorite Local Micro-Blogger Award. This video is the perfect way to show how powerful social media really is. VIDEO


One Response to 2009 You’ve Just Been Spotted OC Blog Awards

  1. Great post! Great meeting you! Great venue!

    I’m already planning which kid party I’m going to have there next… my oldest is ready for a Space birthday party (it is his passion), but his birthday is still a few months off…

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