Taste a MIX of Flavors!

Start saving your appetite now so you can indulge in the 14th Annual Taste of Anaheim on Thursday, May 14th. What better location than the newest hot spot for food, fashion and entertainment, The Shops at Anaheim GardenWalk.

5,000 people are expected to attend Taste of Anaheim which features exquisite food, wine, and live music. Everyone wants to get in on this grand event including Eli Mattson, an America’s Got Talent Finalist, Film at Eleven, and the Oreo Divas. People of all ages will be on their feet grooving to the music.

Loosen up the belt and sample foods from over 50 fine restaurants around town, including Mix Restaurant & Lounge from our very own Hilton Anaheim.

Check out the Taste of Anaheim website for more details where you can purchase your tickets for only $35!  Over 50 restaurants for $35.. and a guaranteed good time….sign me up!

Sounds Scrumptious!

Mix Restaurant & Lounge at Hilton AnaheimDelicious Chicken3


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