Keep America Meeting






Coinciding with this OC Weekly column today about another local publication that rewarded high-performing employees with an incentive trip to Hawaii, Hilton CEO Chris Nasetta signed signed onto an industry letter to Congress encouraging them not to demonize legitimate meetings and incentive travel.

An excerpt of the letter (click to read in its entirety):

“As executives of some of the nation’s largest hotel companies, we understand the economic pressures that have caused many companies to reduce business travel as part of broader cost-cutting measures. However, we are concerned that legitimate meetings, business events and recognition travel are now being portrayed as perks and symbols of excess. Consequently, many large groups – including those not receiving government assistance – are canceling business meetings and events because they fear being criticized.”

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, the travel & meetings industry is a powerful economic force and an employer of millions of people. The letter ends with this succinct yet profound statement: “A robust travel industry is a powerful economic stimulus.”


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