The True Value of a Vacation

poolWe came across this article on and thought it accurately describes what so many of our guests are telling us: that even in a time of economic uncertainty, we find sustained value in experiences that uplift our spirits and enable us to spend quality time with family and friends.

“People get more happiness or positive emotions from experiences than from things,” according to John I. Todor, PhD. “People get a feeling of invigoration or inspiration from experiences that yields more positive emotional memories, sort of a return on investment.”

Basically, it’s not about how much you spend, it’s about how much you enjoyment you’re getting from your investment! The article concludes:

“Even in a recession when budgets are tight, people are attracted to positive emotional experiences. They will scrimp on things of less emotional value to be able to splurge on experiences that uplift their spirits. They get an emotional ROI and this is remembered.”

So, let’s not forget to place proper value in the joy of taking that family vacation or celebrating that special occasion with friends. If you decide to, you’ll definitely appreciate the great rates we’re offering right now, not to mention super specials from Disneyland Resort.


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