Hilton Anaheim announces completion of renovation

As we officially announce the completion of our mega-super-awesome-totally-spectacular renovation, we wanted to share before and after photos to fully convey the transformation we’ve undergone over the past 18 months. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the largest hotel in the LA/OC region is now also one of its most stylish and sophisticated. Leave a comment and tell us what you think about our new digs! Are you blown away by our stunning contemporary renovation? Or do you miss the 80s-chic pastels of the past? (Keep in mind, there’s only one right answer, lol…)

BEFORE and AFTER shots:

An old lobby shot, for comparison's sake

Mix Lounge in the Hilton Anaheim lobby

 The Hilton Anaheim lobby before and after renovation. If you’re hungry for more knowledge about our overhaul, we invite you to check out the press release here. And here are before and after shots of a guestroom:


Queen Guestroom



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