Productive. Rejuvenating. Economical.



Now, more than ever, couldn’t we all use a good deal? That’s why the Hilton Anaheim is introducing the Business Benefits bundling package, which will make your stay more productive and rejuvenating… not to mention economical. The package includes high-speed internet access, Health Club at Hilton Anaheim access, two bottles of Fiji water in your room, and free local calls, all for $19.95.

The a la carte cost of these items is $38.95 plus any local calls you might make. So, as you can see, it’s quite a deal. When you arrive, simply let one of our Guest Service Assistants know if you’d like to sign up for the Business Benefits Package.


4 Responses to Productive. Rejuvenating. Economical.

  1. Himbo says:

    You had me at “Fiji water”.

  2. Glenn says:

    Nice package. I subscribe to your blog RSS feed, and I use the posting titles to determine – in general – if I want to click through to a blog post that I am following. I think you might receive more traffic if your title was more compelling, and closer to what you posted on Twitter. “New Business Benefits Package offers more for less for a limited time” or something similar. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Andy Keown says:

    Glenn, that is great feedback about making the posting titles more descriptive. I guess I was trying to be clever, but as you pointed out, the title of this post doesn’t really tell you what it’s about. Thanks for reading, and for your comment!

  4. Glenn says:

    You are welcome; thanks for taking the time to respond in kind!

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