Glass of Cristal? Yes, please.


Even in these uncertain economic times, don’t we all deserve an occasional indulgence? With that in mind, Mix Lounge at the Hilton Anaheim is offering Cristal champagne by the glass. It’s $50/glass or $299/bottle. Cheers to that!

Some trivia about this most beloved of bubblies:

  • Cristal is the brand name of a well-known champagne produced by Louis Roederer. Cristal is easil recognized by its flat-bottomed, crystal-clear bottle, anti-UV cellophane wrapper and gold label.
  • Noted wine connoiseur Robert Parker gives Cristal a 98-point rating and says: “One of the finest Champagnes I have ever brought to my lips, the 2000 Cristal bursts from the glass with fresh hazelnut and apple scents. Elegant, deep, and silky-textured, this medium to full-bodied beauty is immensely concentrated, pure, packed with apple flavors, and astoundingly long in the finish.”
  • In the 1995 film Showgirls, the character played by Gina Gershon is named Cristal Connors. In a conversation with another character, she reveals that she named herself Cristal after the champagne (which she refers to as “holy water”).
  • Cristal was first created in 1876 for Alexander II of Russia. As the political situation in Russia at the time of his rule was unstable, the tsar feared assassination. He ordered that bottles containing the drink were made clear to avoid having a bomb hidden in a typical green bottle.
  • Louis Roederer commissioned a Flemish glassmaker to create a Champagne bottle with a flat bottom. Bottles made from common glass have a bell shaped bottom which makes them strong enough to cope with the pressure created by the champagne. In order to create a flat bottomed bottle they had to be made from stronger, clear lead crystal. The Champagne has since become known as “Cristal”. It is viewed by many as the first prestige cuvée.

3 Responses to Glass of Cristal? Yes, please.

  1. Efia Moore says:

    Andrew –
    i just love reading your blog posts, they’re so refreshing. I’m glad to see you utilizing social media so successfully. Keep it up!


  2. Andy Keown says:

    Thanks, Efia! I really appreciate your support and I’m glad you’re reading :)

  3. Himbo says:

    I’m loving the “Showgirls” trivia’ tidbit! …Alright then, I’m off for a dip in the pool.

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