Sweet! A holiday creation from Pastry Chef Christoph Bader

Hilton Anaheim Holiday VillageFeaturing jolly little mice and enough gingerbread houses to populate a Candyland subdivison,  a holiday village has appeared in our lobby. The entirely edible village is the creation of our talented pastry chef, Christoph Bader, and is made of gingerbread, sugar and chocolate. We spoke with Christoph to get some details on his creative confection.

Did you make this entire village yourself? I did the sugar part (mice, trees). The gingerbread houses where done by my Assistant Rafael Gonzalez, Pastry Cook Diego Hernandez and Student Christian Lux.

What is it made of? It’s all edible: sugar, gingerbread and chocolate.

How long did it take? I would say all together 28 hours.

Where did you get the idea for this? We talked about doing something different this year and wanted to stay in the colors of the new lobby. I showed some displays I had made in the past and we chose the one with sugar figurines. The whole Christmas Mice theme fit the desired colors the best, so we made those.

Anything else we should know? We used 100 lbs of gingerbread dough, 50 lbs of chocolate and 135 lbs of sugar to create this display.


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