Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse

Our favorite neighbor, Mickey Mouse, turns 80 today. (Lookin’ pretty good there, fella! Must be all that clean livin’.) In honor of his birthday, we present some trivia from Reina Alvarez, our resident Mouse expert:

“Walt Disney originally planned to call his new creation Mortimer the Mouse until Walt’s wife objected, saying the name wasn’t suitable. Walt came up with the idea for Mickey during a train ride from Chicago to California. He had just lost the rights to Oswald the Rabbit to Warner Brothers. His first sketch of Mickey was done on a napkin. Steamboat WIllie premiered on November 18, 1928 at the Colony Theatre on Broadway and ran for 13 days. Walt himself provided the voice.”

Gee, thanks, Reina! And from all of us here at the Hilton Anaheim, thanks, Mickey, for providing us with 80 years of entertainment!


One Response to Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse

  1. Himbo says:

    Wow, 80! Hmm… I suspect botox. At least!

    Kidding! Everyone knows Mickey doesn’t age because time stands still within the gates of The Magic Kingdom… duh!

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