Sometimes even a fitness center needs a nip/tuck

Hilton World Headquarters Fitness Center - Beverly Hills

Here in Southern California, the land of the toned and tanned, we tend to appreciate a good work-out. So when our fitness facilities start to droop and sag, we call in the experts to do an extreme makeover, asap!

This coming Monday, our Hilton Anaheim Fitness Center will begin its rejuvenation. All brand-new Hilton Fitness by Precor equipment is on its way, to be accompanied by a new design scheme that is destined to make the facility look years younger (sort of like it just got the most amazing night’s sleep). The cardio machines will feature “Cardio Theater” – individual LCD monitors with cable TV. It’s kind of being a channel-surfing couch potato, only you burn calories instead of consuming them.

We’re also going to be one of the first facilities in the area to offer Rowbics, a group exercise program featuring state-of-the-art rowing machines. Our instructors are undergoing training so that we can add fast-paced, fun new classes to our class schedules. Of course, we’ll continue to offer spinning (new bikes are already here!), BodyWorks toning classes and Yoga Stretch.

During this construction (er, excuse me, rejuvenation), a temporary fitness area is being set-up close to the existing facility. The locker rooms, massage/spa areas, indoor pool and spin room will remain open and fully functional. Stay tuned for more details, and don’t forget: a calorie saved is a calorie earned. Or something like that.


One Response to Sometimes even a fitness center needs a nip/tuck

  1. Himbo says:

    Rowbics sounds cool! Which day of the week will the classes be on?

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