Norman the Doorman

Whoa. That was our first impression when we stumbled upon this photo of “Norman the Doorman” while scouring the Hilton Anaheim photo vaults. Norman looks a bit like an oversized vacuum cleaner wearing a scuba helmet. Without so much as a description to go along with the photo, we had to rely on Google to tell us who exactly Norman was and what he was doing in our lobby. We found this mention by travel journalist Peter Greenberg in an L.A. Times article from 1991:

“At the Anaheim Hilton in California, kids check in at their own special desk and are greeted by Norman the Doorman – a moving robot who speaks to them.”

We still think he looks scary. But we’d love to hear from any readers who encountered Norman during his tenure at the hotel. And what happened to him? Is he on display in a museum, or did he end up in the technology junkyard along with the Apple IIe?


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