And we’re walking…

After walking for six miles yesterday in the midday sun during AIDS Walk L.A., we thought maybe she was just a mirage, but no, we really did run into Holly Madison of the popular “Girls Next Door” television show. As a celebrity sponsor of the event, she kindly let us take a picture with her. After all, we were there for a good cause: raising money for AIDS treatment and prevention. The Hilton Family of Hotels served as the Presenting Sponsor of the event, donating more than $125,000 in addition to funds raised by individual Hilton employees.


2 Responses to And we’re walking…

  1. Himbo says:

    AIDS Walk Los Angeles was so much fun, this was my first time! I have never seen so many celebrities at the same time, in my life! Rachel Griffiths looked sooo adorable.

  2. […] much as we could. We painted the house of an elderly couple, donated our used furniture to charity, walked to raise money for AIDS research and prevention, and provided rooms for 300 families of fallen military veterans […]

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